Church Auxillaries

Deacon and Trustee Board –    Recognizing that our males are a vital part of our membership and community, we are planning on developing and implementing a male program that is second to none.  Prepare to be blown away by the works and activities of our Deacon and  Brothers Institute.  This program will be in place before year’s-end, to address the needs of our church and its males.

Music Department    Church Choir, Praise Team, and Junior Choir are the musical organizations of the church.  All members are allowed to join and become part of the church’s music departments.  With God’s help we are moving to higher levels of praise and worship through songs and music.

Usher Board

Glow Department    Our Mission Department is made up of our senior and junior missions.  Our ladies are second to none when it comes to their works and efforts.  Our mission department, like so many of our other departments, is up and coming in and has a passion for pleasing God by serving His people.  Our Mission sponsors an annual Women’s Conference and a Young Ladies Retreat for our youth, along with other functions and activities.

Sunday School   Adult, Teen, and Junior Classes-  Classes are setup to address the spiritual education needs of the congregation.  We are a church that believes strongly the power and need of education, especially spiritual education.

Youth Department    The Youth Department is designed to create programs and activities that address the needs of the youth of our church.  Activities and organizations include: Praise Dance & Mime Team, Drill Team, Junior Mission, Junior Bible Class.  We also have a Scholarship and educational Program to address and assist with the educational needs of our youth, which includes higher education preparation.  We schedule college campus tours and research college scholarship applications and preparation.  The education of our youth is one of our top priorities.

Hospitality Committee  Our education department is all about learning and staying up to date with situations and needs that are current and in need of being addressed.  We have a scholarship program to help send our graduates off to college with some financial assistance.  We have family seminars for adults and youth, which are opened to the public.  We place a great deal of emphasis on education and learning for all of our church members and the community that we serve.  The spiritual and academic education of our church family is always a top priority.


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