Our Ministerial Staff

Ministerial Staff


 Dr. Deborah Isaac- Hopes is a life long member of the COTLG. She accepted her calling to ministry in  January, 2000. She serves as an Associate Minister and has served as: coordinator Youth Education, Adult  Education, Youth Activities, Sunday School Teacher, Vacation Bible School teacher, and member of the choir.  She is the daughter of the late Bishop Adolphus Isaac and Sister Cassie Isaac. Her favorite scripture is Luke  6:38.

Dr. Hopes has completed 34 years of service to various public and independent school districts retiring in  July, 2009 serving as Vocal Music Instructor, Assistant Principal, Head Start Program Director, and Principal  at the Pre- Kindergarten through High School levels and retiring in 2011 as an Adjunct Professor of DCCCD.

She is a motivational speaker and inspirational preacher, teacher, and vocalist; conference, workshop, and staff  development presenter and trainer; curriculum developer and trainer, published author, and grant writer. She i  is a member of and volunteer for numerous social, civic, and religious organizations.


 Eldress Cynthia Louise Lee Bursey was born in Texarkana, Arkansas and moved to Texarkana, Texas  where her family was an integral part of the Church of the Living God, Christians Workers for Fellowship  (CWFF). Eldress Bursey completed Dunbar High School, degree programs from Tennessee State University in  Nashville, Tennessee and Atlanta University in Atlanta, Georgia.  Additional studies in Educational Leadership  from Dallas Baptist University, Dallas, Texas. Continuing in the area of social work, Eldress Bursey had a 28  year career in Dallas, Texas with Dallas County Mental Health and Mental Retardation Center, in numerous  administrative and leadership capacities.  Additionally she has served as a consultant with the Department of  Defense, Head Start, Magellan Health and several local independent school districts.

As a member of the General Assembly Church of the Living God, the Pillar and Ground of the Truth (PGT),  Dallas, Texas, Eldress Bursey was ordained as a minister in 2000, after a 27 year membership. As an associate
minister, she has worked with numerous auxiliaries, specifically with the Sunday School Department. In the  community, Eldress Bursey is involved in a number civic and community affiliations, along with having a s  state Social Work licensure. She is also the President of our General Assembly Institute in Tyler, Texas. Eldress  Cynthia Bursey achievements and blessings have been supported by her son, Brian and his family (Michelle, Brian II and Briana) of Dallas, Texas; her brother and sister-in-law Mr. & Mrs. Robert (Catherine) Lee, Jr. of Austin, Texas, and Family, church family, and friends. TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOR THE THINGS HE HAS DONE!


 Elder Aaron Henson is from Tyler, Texas and has been a part of The Church of the Living God, P.G.T. all of  his life. After graduating high school, he spent 4.5 years in the United States Army and is a veteran of Desert  Storm. He was called to the Ministry in May of 1991 and started his ministerial training under the guidance  and leadership of Bishop C.C. Berry, Jr.

Elder Henson has Pastored at the  Mt. Pleasant COTLG for 2 years and the Waco COTLG for 13 years. Elder  Henson is the Assistant Pastor and also serves as the Youth Minister here at Ewing Street COTLG and is  currently working towards attaining a Masters Degree in Biblical studies. His favorite verse is in Romans  8:28; And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who  are called according to his purpose.

 Eldress Tielow Henson who is from Waco, Texas and the wife of Elder Henson,  serves as an associate  minister at Ewing Street. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Mountain View College in Dallas,  Texas. She in the United States Army and has served our country for 13 years. Eldress Tielow works with the  Youth department and works with the Youth Mime Teams in practicing and getting them ready to perform. Her favorite song is Great is Your Mercy by Donnie McClurkin