Youth Department

The Youth Department has programs and activities that address the needs of the youth of our church. Our youth are very active with Praise Dancing, Drill & Mime Teams, Skits and Plays, Junior Glow Society, Ushering and Sunday school classes. On every 3rd Sunday, we are proud to have our youth in charge of our worship services where they lead in all activities of service. Our yearly activities for the youth includes our annual Youth convention and Vacation Bible School. We also work with the Sunday school on the Annual Summer Revival which we organize to motivate and encourage the membership on God’s word.

This ministry is led by Sis. Joyce Parks and her staff members are Sis. Michelle Bursey, Sis. Sharon Smith, Bro. Henry Smith, Sis. Yulisa Green,  Sis. Diane Demerson, Sis. Brown, Sis. Cassandra Daniels, Sis. Dorothy Mitchell, Sis. Paulette McWilliams and Sis. Mimi Kissentaner. (Not Pictured Eldress Tielow Henson). We understand that the outside world is constantly pulling our kids attention away from God and onto the bright lights and the mean streets. From time to time, our Pastor and Board of Deacons will surprise the youth with trips to Venues and events (Cowboy Stadium, rodeos, nice restaurants to name a few) to inspire our kids to look higher and dream bigger. We want our Youth to Believe, know and understand that with God first, the impossible is possible!