Sunday School

The Sunday School has classes for Adults, Teens, and Pre-Teens students. Our classes addressed the spiritual educational needs of the congregation through weekly lesson plans and reviews. Our Sunday school classes come together to participate in lesson reviews at the end of class. Our Men and Women class have a spirited challenge each week when it comes to participation and support. The youth class always keep everyone’s attention with their skits based on that particular lesson for the week and they do a great job with their reviews.

Sunday School teaching staff is comprised of Superintendent -Bro. Patrick Jackson, Class Coordinator – Sis. Bessie Clay, Men Class Teacher – Bro. Brian Bursey, Women Class Teacher – Sis. Lula Nunerly, Teen Class Teacher – Sis. Phyllis Lee, Pre-Teens Teachers – Sis. Tomeka Ewing, Sis. Tabitha Smith and (not pictured – Sis. Yulisa Green). Below is our Sunday school motto that we recite together at the end of each class session.


Let us strive to make our Sunday School one of love, joy and peace.
Let us study our lesson so we may know the way the Master seeks,
Let us go on with the works that he has given us with a pure and willing
heart. Ready to work where we are needed most, honestly doing our part.